December 2, 2011

On Obligatory Dubstep Interludes

Due to an unexpected amount of continued awesomeness, I have a second post about my Lunar talisman in the works, but I probably won't get it done until sometime this weekend.

In other news, since it's rare (in my experience) to come across magic-related Dubstep, I present to you "this is exactly how I'm going to raise my daughter to defend herself":

2:32 may possibly be the most awesome depiction of the evocation of a familiar spirit I've seen in awhile. Not to mention the sheer creepiness of the implication of the last 3 or 4 seconds.

At any rate, enjoy your Friday!

(P.S. Picking the tags for this post was hella amusing, mostly because I had the perfect assortment already lined up from previous posts.)


  1. Oh Skrillex, it's hard not to like you. Creepy girl retribution is one of the finer kinds of retribution.

  2. Wow, the synchronicity of thus video could not be more perfect.

  3. What a brave little girl, performing such a service to her community like that. Is there some way I can train my familiar spirits to do this, too? Like, a kind of Pokemon league or something? Because I wanna get in on what this little girl is rocking.

  4. @Jow: Isn't it, then?

    @Simon: I've found that the blogosphere is basically a giant (wonderful) synchronicity machine. Glad to contribute :)

    @Poly: In all seriousness, Jason's P&RM has a spirit with about the same temperament. Definitely worth checking out.